FabCAD FenceMaker

Our Fence drawing program automatically draws fences in three easy steps:

  • Enter field dimensions
  • Select your finial and picket designs
  • The program automatically draws your fences to scale complete with parts cut list


  • Draws most fence designs which could take hours by hand in a matter of seconds
  • Generates Bill of Materials including cut angles, lengths, and quantity of everything your shop needs to build the fence
  • Draws wrought iron, vinyl and wood fences
  • Draws level or on a slope – enter either the angle or point drop measurement.
  • Automatically updates Bill of Materials when you add any castings or forgings from our Design Library or make any changes to the fence itself
  • Evenly spaces all posts and pickets and dimensions the fence
  • For factory made fencing, the program can provide fixed post and picket spacing to match the manufacturers style.
  • Save all your most common designs to templates to save even more time
  • The cut list can also generate total cost and weight

FabCAD’s Fence Automation is included in FabCAD Premium and the FabCAD Automation Suite. Please refer to our pricing table to find the right FabCAD product to fit your needs.

View our fence drawing program below

  • Set your picket punch throughs, top and bottom, your borders and the distance if you have intermediate channels, top and bottom.
  • Put a point drop or a rake angle if it’s on a slope.
  • To add finials and ball-caps, just click draw and then pick your styles.
  • When you save templates, it also saves default settings for spindles and for spears.
  • Once you’ve created a fence, you can save all the settings and they appear in a template box.

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