Design Library

Recycle that Catalog. The FabCAD Design Library is an extensive library of castings and forgings from the leading manufacturers of ornamental components.


  • Gives you access to the leading industry designs to use in any of your customer and shop drawings
  • Saves you the time of drawing these components by hand
  • Ensures all components are exact scale fit and compatible with most CAD systems


  • Contains over 15,000 scaled digital designs from the leaders in forging and casting designs
  • All castings and forgings are an exact match to catalogue numbers. Descriptions of the manufacturer are furnished to insure insertion of the right part for fabrication and ordering.
  • Designs contain dimensions and weights as specified in manufacturers catalog
  • Design library is categorized by company, component type, and is fully searchable by catalogue number
  • Included catalogs: Alloy Castings, Architectural Iron Designs, DJA, House of Forgings, Indital, King Metals, Lawler Foundry, Rik-Fer, Texas Metal Industries and Triebenbacher

The FabCAD Design Library is included in FabCAD Premium and the FabCAD Automation Suite. Please refer to our pricing table to find the right FabCAD product to fit your needs.

See our Design Library at work

  • All the castings and forgings in this library are drawn to scale and all the file numbers match the catalog numbers of the manufacturers.
  • The 15,000 parts come from ten different suppliers in the industry.
  • Also we have a bunch of driveway gates and walk gates that are pre-drawn — different styles and budgets. You’re welcome to use those.
  • One of the neatest features we have is our search utility. All I do is type in the catalog number of the company and click search…
  • …then right-click, choose Insert as Block, and in comes the part, just like that.

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