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1. What are the system requirements?

2. What does FabCAD do?

FabCAD® incorporates AutoDesk technology into an Ornamental drawing package (AutoRail) that automatically draws fences, gates and railings. We also provide an extensive casting and forging library containing over 16,000 parts from 10 industry suppliers. All system and drawing settings are customized so that you the con-tractor can immediately start drawing. FabCAD® provides free technical support (800-255-9032) after the sale.

3. I do a lot of custom work. Will this work for me?

FabCAD® Premium is designed for custom detailing.

4. What about tech support?

We provide free technical support and 3 hours of live on line training for the life of the version you purchase. In most cases you will not need much after the first two or three weeks. We have online training movies to address CAD issues. Our goal is to get you self sufficient as soon as possible; our on line training movies help you achieve this.

Build it right the first time.

"If you can FAB it, you can CAD it." That's what Dave Filippi has been telling metal fabricators and designers since 1989.

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