"I couldn't run my business without FabCAD"

- Don Walsh, Profusion Iron, San Carlos, CA

Product Info & Tech Support: 800-255-9032

Systems Comparison


Program Features Premium Classic
1. Designed for ornamental fabricators and fence/deck contractors. X X
2. Very Fast startup no previous CAD knowledge required.  Draw your first rail, gate or fence 10 minutes after you load the software. X
3. Draws hundreds of feet of rail/fence in seconds. X
4. Automatically dimensions the work and creates a bill of materials. X
5. Contains over 13,000 ornamental designs from 10 industry suppliers. X X
6. Requires a few hours of initial training to draw rails and gates with the help of our training movies. X
7. Free  technical support INCLUDING a 1 hour orientation session on-line X X
8. Program can create unlimited custom designs. X X
9. Fully compatible with all AutoCAD® drawing formats. X X
10. On-line training movies will teach you how to use the features of FabCAD®. X X



Differences Between Packages

VIEW DEMO MOVIE to see the difference between the Premium and Classic packages