Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is CAD (Computer Aided Design)?

Computer aided design software (CAD) is an image processor-- like a word processor is to writing. With CAD you never draw anything twice. You are able to take existing drawings and quickly modify them. In addition to creating attractive drawings that your customers require, CAD provides information like cut lengths and angles that your fabricators need.

2. What does FabCAD® do?

FabCAD® incorporates AutoDesk technology into an Ornamental drawing package that automatically draws fences, gates and railings. We also provide an extensive casting and forging library containing over 13,000 parts from 10 industry suppliers. All system and drawing settings are customized so that you the contractor can immediately start drawing. FabCAD® provides free technical support (800-255-9032)  after the sale.

3. What if I do a lot of custom design work?

Both FabCAD® Premium and FabCAD® Lite are designed for custom detailing. They are both full force 2D drawing packages with some 3D capability as well.

4. How much support do I get when I purchase the FabCAD System?

We provide free technical support as long as you need it.  In most cases you will not need much after the first two weeks. We have support topics and additional online training movies to address CAD issues.  Our goal is to get you self sufficient as soon as possible; our on line training movies help you achieve this.

5. I'm on a tight budget. Are there alternatives?

We provide payment plans to meet your budget requirements. We also have available our lower priced ($1,795.00) version of the system: our FabCAD® Lite package includes everything but the Automation features found in FabCAD® Premium. With this package the learning curve is longer but our tutorials will get you up and running in a few hours. Later you can add the automation feature. Click here for more information.

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FabCAD, Inc® provides Computer Aided Design (CAD) software products and drawing services for Fabricators and Designers in the Ornamental Metal and Fence industries.